THE AIT is a women-led design studio based in London. We are passionate about visual storytelling and working with brands to amplify their voices through timeless and beautifully elegant design.

     We are a small team of hard-working, kind women; driven by a love of design. Founded by Kitty Alden in two thousand and twenty, THE AIT is proud to bring thoughtful design practices to small businesses worldwide.

    01We work closely with our clients in a collaborative format, allowing their visions to be brought to life in a considerate and attentive manner. From initial inspirations to the final execution, we pride ourselves on taking great care when it comes to the specific details and elements of each project we sign our name to.


   At THE AIT, we have a fundamental desire to protect the natural world. Each year going forwards, we pledge to donate and support two non-for-profits, Wild Philanthropy, and the Ocean Blue Project. 

   We are passionate about building a sustainable future and engaging in the creation of a better world for both people and planet.


Brand Identity Design / Creative Direction / Print & Digital Collateral / Website Design / Website E-Commerce / Editorial Design / Digital Brand Assets.