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 01 / SMOKE & FIRE.

    We write this article with broken hearts, as we watch on, seemingly helpless as Australia continues to burnwith such fury.  It’s been months of non-stop burning, and it never seems to get easier when glancing at yet another newspaper article that reports on the increasing number of acres and animals that are being destroyed. Is this the new normal? Since late June, Australia has reached wild temperatures of up to a terrifying 49°C, setting records each day it climbs and climbs, ceasing to stop. The bushfire season has never before seen flames so high, winds so fast and terrain so dry. The country is being beaten and ravaged by mother nature, with fires ripping through beautiful landscapes.

CITIES crowd in unhealthy air quality LEVELS, the COUNTRYSIDE HILLS lose their abundance of BIRDS & BEES, OCEANS BLEACHED & BLED DRY of LIFE, and Australia burns like never before.”

   THE  REALITY of climate change. This catastrophe has awakened in many of us, the stark truth and reality of climate change, the beginning of a new world where the environment finally falls at our feet. The reports come in from across the globe that 17.9 million acres of land have been burnt and 1 billion animals lost to flames.These numbers rising continually; signalling a very fragile new world that we find ourselves in. Our world is heating up, our world is struggling to cope with our outlandish activity, our destructive industries, our failure to nurture & nourish nature.

   It saddens all of us to recognise the truth of climate change,  and watch the world around us crumble. The images of Australia burnt red, orange & ochre are now mournfully familiarto us all. Our social media feeds flooded with images and videos of a world turned red. Devastatingly so, we have all watched this disaster unfold, but with it, saw immense bravery and spirit in those who have endured thi climate tragedy.
     “THOUSANDS of volunteer fire fighters & COMMUNITY members have bound together in the face of ADVERSITY and shown the world miracles of KINDNESS.”

     Not only are the volunteers battling 70ft tall flames, they are protecting whole towns and villages and collecting animals who have lost their habitats Community members have come together to share shelter and waterand well as raising a huge amount of money that has been donated to firefighters and wildlife rescuers. Many of us from the other side of the world have donated what we can to their incredible efforts. So, as we pray for rain and more rain, we think and pray for of our Australian counterparts and their wildlife. And remember, that even across the ocean we can do something; whether it be donating, sharing stories and posts, and most importantly, changing our personal habits with the future of our planet in mind.

       By being more mindful and conscious about using resources, we can, as a society begin to reverse the damage we have done to our earth. This includes moving more towards a plant based diet and eliminating meat and dairy from our everyday, eradicating single use plastics and ensuring we recycle as much as we can, using less water, buying less ‘fast fashion’ and focus on buying items that will last - as well as supporting small sustainable businesses, using public transport and most importantly, we believe, is to talk. LET’S get TALKING.

    In 2020, we all need to continue talking, sharing and discussing our planet and its fate. Share that post, write that email and chat to those who share the same passions for the environment, as well as those who perhaps do not. It is with conversation, education & innovation that we can begin to make a change and brighten the future of the incredible place we all call home.