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   Like many, we too fell completely in love with Jacquemus’ Fall 2020 collection, which was presented at Men’s Fashion week in Paris this January. His previous collection, Spring/Summer 2020 was arguably the defining factor that put Jacquemus on our radar. With his bright pink runway stretching through Lavender fields in Valensole, South of France, how could this not make news across the fashion world. This imaginative and innovative presentation of fashion in the middle of nature, was a perfect way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the label. Jacquemus described his S/S 20 collection as a taste of ‘Tequila Sunrise’ and it was certainly a nod to the tropics with its flash of pinks, infused with deep oranges and bold yellows.

    Having been infatuated with his whole over-sized, unisex vibe since that summer show, we were more than excited at what he was going to produce in the early weeks of 2020. Although most of the collection is soft in colour palette, pinks are pressed into the show in signature over-sized suits, and delicate strappy sandals which are paired with soft silk socks. Heaven.

   Not only was the fashion elegant and wearable, it felt like an exhibition of accessible art, reflected in wool cardigans that are so elegantly delicate,  being held together so effortlessly by a single button.
   There was such a chicness to the casual nature of this show, such supple simplicity. Jacquemus announces before the show, that he has dropped the prices of his garments, stating that he is designing clothes to sell, ‘clothes to wear’ - and for us, nothing could be more refreshing, Finally, the transparency and the to the point no nonsense that the fashion industry is so desperately yearning for - and finally a luxury that is attainable.

    Although Jacquemus doesn’t consider his label a ‘green brand’ it must be noted that sustainability was a theme woven into the Fall 2020 show. He says “We have to do this with more sense - do we really need a hundred fabrics, when we could use ten?” No better sense could be said, and I am so excited at the prospect that this show could be such a prime example of how using less is actually going to prove to be doing more.

    Again, Jacquemus strips back his work to the bare minimals, and with that, reveals so much more than could have been imagined. We want to order each and every look from this timeless collection, the cardigans, the suits, the linen pencil skirts. This is the future of fashion, this is the direction we must continue in if we are to change our mindset’s when it comes to creating luxury.  Jacquemus, we adore you.