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03 / Artist Profile / CARLA CASCALES ALIMBAU

    As our days continue to be dictated by COVID-19, we stay at home, watching the spring weather turn sweetly with blossoming cherry trees & wild dahlias; trying to maintain as much sanity as possible.
     We now fall into the routine of adjusting to our new normal of staying inside and isolating in our homes, and it has become increasingly difficult to ensure our busy minds stay motivated and inspired. Before the global pandemic arrived like a fierce wind across a desert, we would, when feeling ever creatively challenged, put pencil down and simply head outdoors for breath of fresh &  opulent air; choosing to venture for a coffee with a friend or a walk through the city. As a change of scenery is now no longer permitted and as we band together to protect those most vulnerable along with those on the front lines of this crisis, we at home, and we as creatives we have had to adapt to ensure we keep minds fresh and innovative.

   In this wildly surreal time that we find ourselves in, is it more important than ever to keep creative. To keep stumbling across new ideas, inspirations and manifestations; never allowing the mind to fall stagnant or dormant. Our first featured artist profile, is that of Carla Cascales Alimbau.
     Based in Barcelona, Carla is an extraordinary artist who skilfully explores form within the realms of both sculpture and paint work. Her minimalism and seemingly effortless creations are nothing short of sheer perfection in our eyes.

“Her work is based on finding beauty in imperfection and profoundity in earthiness, of revering authenticity above all” - Carla Cascales Alimbau // Website

  And there we have it. “Finding beauty in imperfection” - a lesson we all must learn as we navigate the ever changing nature of our new normal.
   Form & Texture are the words that come straight to our tongues when discovering and discussing pieces by Carla, from the smoothest of soft clay surfaces to the crisp & sharp edges of abstract marble.
       The kaleidoscopic shards of light that fleck off warped glass, emanating pure contemporary elegance yet balanced with a quiet strength. Carla’s extensive treasure trove of work stretches from light installations to complex minerals to fluent and unfolding nudes. So much of Carla’s work is more about light than about form and material. Her molten glass sculptures exist as sorcerers of light, allowing it to swell beneath and through layers of rippling glass.

   And whether her work is teasing the light, like a feline does to a creature of the undergrowth, it is also light itself. Carla has remarkably reinvented all limitations when it comes to lighting installations, redefining ‘thinking outside the box’, her sensational almost aqueous engineering of light brings such elegance & delicacy to the space she presents her installations in.

      A FINGERPRINT of purity & integrity. Our passion and divine love for nature and the unruly wilderness of planet earth filters through as such honest inspiration for us at The AIT, Carla too reflects a love for raw, unedited natural materials in her sculptures. The coarse and organic details of crumbling marble, or the soft tangible texture of wood are evident in a variety of her pieces, stripping ideas back to the bare, beautiful minimum, leaving an expression and fingerprint of purity and integrity. Nothing enriches the world more than effortless & celestial art, Carla’s body of deep, peaceful & ethereal work has reminded us of the beauty of simplicity. We anticipate further work by Carla, watching intently from the sidelines as she sweeps through boundaries, creating and carving new chapters and passages of simply beautiful art.