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05 / Artist Profile / WMD

     As creatives, we spend most of our existence at our at home desks, headphones in, playing with graphics; whether we’re creating a custom font, developing a beautiful brand mark or selecting a colour palette - we’re in the zone.
    And, as creatives, we often find ourselves challenged when inspiration is seemingly lost, and need to get up, head outside for a walk and come back an hour later with fresh eyes. At The AIT, creative time is never without a soundtrack. We’ll listen to music for 90% of our day, flicking between the sounds of downtempo, cool blue tracks and the occasional energetic ‘get up and dance’ numbers. Whatever it may be, music is what makes our world go round.

    With the continuation of isolation in the days of Corona, music has become the comfort we need, a delicate flow of escapism that keeps us grounded and reminds us that not all is lost. Our current obsession, and forever will-be-obsession is the effortless sweeping sounds of Michael Erickson, most commonly known as WMD. We first became lost in his music when his track ‘Saudade’ came on as we were shuffling through Spotify.

     We were captivated by the tapping of soft rain as the first few seconds ticked by, and then subconsciously we fell into the soft pulsing of downtempo thrumming, whisking us into a soft delirium. 2 minutes 50 of pure effortless chill waves, ending as statically and as mysteriously as it starts.
     The album ‘Saudade’ evokes a sense of hopefulness & optimism,
specifically in the opening track ‘Soft Dormancy’ which builds with a deep beat, pairing soft piano with electronic goodness, resulting in a complex tapestry of layered sounds.

     Each track is a journey, an odyssey of emotion that is heightened with the background ambience of a thousand skies. Listen to the record all the way through and you’ll experience a plethora of chill beats that prick alive each individual nerve with the stopping and starting of electro-beats. ‘Pull’ is an energetic, upbeat thrill of rhythmic intensity, taking you to coasts, to open valleys. The soft swell of cadence, the oscillation of one beat to the next, you can’t help but feel the gentle puissance of his music, succumbing to it, rejoicing it its adventure.

     Heavenly nostalgia echoes in Vanishing Point’ it dips into the shallows with a whimsical sadness, fluctuating between vibrations, it is a delicate vista of the past. And ‘Anabranch’ takes you to new heights with its reverberations & ripples, a billowing mist that we’ve totally fallen in love with. We get lost every time we switch on WMD, but in a way we find something new every time, it creates in us something organic, something exciting. The immaculate storytelling that comes with WMD is abstract & sensual, it is writing without words, evoking emotions we didn’t know we had.

     You can listen to WMD here - and check out our current playlists here, Created by CREATIVES, for CREATIVES. With days at home, press play on something magic.