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06 / Artist Profile / STUDIO PROBA

    At The AIT®; our design soul and spirit has always gravitated towards more of a tonal, neutral and minimal colour palette, really focusing and refining that simplistic but sophisticated elegance that we’re so fond of. We’ve traditionally always moved away from energetic bright and bold colour. However, recently we’ve become slightly obsessed with Studio Proba and their incredible world of colour. In these tough and tricky times of COVID-19, the world needs now, more than ever, creative genius and creative minds who can bring new, exciting design to the table - reminding us all that there is so much to be thankful for.       

    Studio Proba is a New York based multidisciplinary design studio, founded in 2013 by Alex Proba; they work on a variety of projects from home products, to interior design and mural artworks. It is infinitely obvious that above all else, Studio Proba know who they are; they have an incredibly heightened sense of self, sense of personality.

    If one was to walk into a room designed by Studio Proba, you’d know it, and you’d fall head over heels for their busy, eclectic & intricate world of shape and chromaticity. Organic, full & blooming shapes often take centre stage in their designs, specifically their sprawling murals which splash interior spaces with an optimism, a truly spectacular celebration of colour and pattern, avoid of structure, their murals flow with vitality and such beautiful chaos. They never seem to take over a space, as many murals might do, but no, Studio Proba manages to harness their designs, enabling them to enhance spaces, elevating the contemporary nature of the location they inhabit.

     A Subtle Dimension: Alongside the full-bodied creamy shapes, their murals are contoured with delicately drawn lines, connecting form to form, zipping across walls and floors, these fragile lines add a graceful and subtle dimension, pulling anyone passing the space into their orbit of luminous colour.
    As well as walls and products that are laced with the Proba character,  the Studio is known for their wonderfully whimsical designs that find themselves at the bottom of swimming pools. We are beyond inspired by this magical ‘outside-the-box’ thinking, placing and exploring art in unexpected places, mixing their out-of-this-world colour with sublimely natural elements.

     This practice truly immerses people into their art in such a literal way, embodying the idea of creating a separate and unexplored sphere of colour. Studio Proba is playful & expressive, immaculately throwing tradition of out the window and just having pure fun, trying new things; never being scared to put a deep chromatic blue alongside the starkest of summer yellows - with this bold fearlessness, comes a confidence, emanating the sense that so many design rules are simply irrelevant.

    Studio Proba embraces their ability to bring huge amounts of colour and design together without causing a stir of confusion or disorientation, instead it invites a  balance of freshness and new, exciting design that this world truly needs - because at the end of the day, design is the practice of creation and there is so much beauty in creating something new - who knows what doors and ideas it might open up for the future.

    We are endlessly and hopelessly inspired by Studio Proba, we’ve fallen so deeply in love with not only their creations, but their notions surrounding colour. We suddenly want to open up a new document and fill it corner to corner with open blues and sweeping pinks, playing with forms and structures that have a fluidity and softness to them. Their designs will cure anyone feeling uninspired or stagnant, they are a breath of fresh, vibrant air.