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07 / Artist Profile / ALEX BAKER

01.  Following on from our previous ‘Listen to’ series, we continue along the theme of etherial ambience - discovering and falling for more artists who are creating instrumental tracks that keep us as creatives focused and effortlessly fluid as we push the boundaries of modern & contemporary design. We’ve recently discovered the sounds of ALEX BAKER who musically seems to ride the same wave as previously discussed WMD, so of course we were bound to be captivated by his similar vibrations. Baker’s ‘Somewhere Familiar’ EP arrived in March 2020, and we’ve been playing the 5 tracks repeatedly since it was released.

    Track 1, ‘Reminisce’ starts off ever so softly, a delicately dawning introspective - before taking off and blooming into a cool indulgence of reflective beats and the quiet strumming of far off strings.
    The track gently paddles you deeper and deeper into the open valleys and sprawling mountains of Baker’s mind; inviting you to dip into a lagoon of intoxicatingly chill sounds. ‘Reminisce’ is a sensual cascade of waves, the relaxed beats evoking a sophisticated confidence; easing the listener into a world unknown. Baker tell us,  

“[Reminisce] brings out a meditative yet nostalgic feeling that instantly calms me.”

And we whole heartedly agree, the track is serenely soothing, alluring us into a ruminative state that we quite honestly never want to return from. Throughout the tranquil EP,  Baker manages to construct a far-away wonderland, ruled by swells and surges of space & nature. Free flying birds weave & glide through the tracks along with the ripples and whitecaps of elsewhere waters.

    Baker has an ability keep the listener in his grasp as he ups the tempo at crucial moments and in others leaves us with a few quiet, thought provoking seconds; weaving and winding us into a paradise he has built alone, his golden utopia of tranquility.

“I find experimentation with new production techniques/instrumentation key in igniting a chain of creative ideas”  Baker muses, 
“I aim to create chords that evoke some sort of feeling which creates the foundation for a song.”

    It is always refreshing to stumble across musicians whose music organically & naturally evolves from a speck or sting of fleeting emotion, Baker seems to take a single fleck of memory and cultivate from that atom, a luscious, ever-growing eden of beautiful sounds. A cosmos of fresh & invigorating beats, each one designed to enhance the next.

is our favourite combination of sounds, it stands tall as a voice for anyone who might describe themselves as a modern romantic. It echoes a tapestry of softly plucked guitar strings and balanced beats, effortlessly etherial with the soft singing of distant birds, floating you up into web of intimacy. 
   A slow but steady reverberation of chillingly beautiful moments make up ‘Wander’, a track we will no doubt be championing all summer long and well into the autumn. ‘Moments’ whisks you into a swell of nostalgia as Baker expertly blends graceful & infectious laughter into the peak of the track, echoing a sweet and honeyed goodness.

There is a light & fruity essence to the track, a glow to it - pulsing softly with the colours of the tide, cresting under the light of a passing summer day.
Baker explains  to us thoughtfully his thoughts behind the EP:

“I hope [Somewhere Familiar] provides a sense of comfort and curiosity, however, I find it fascinating how it resonates differently with each person. There was no real intention on how I wanted people to interpret this EP but I hope it brings people some calm and inner stillness. I think this genre of music can have a powerful effect on silencing the mind and creating relaxation.” -

    We’ve been entirely captivated by Baker’s sound and are excitingly awaiting further releases as his music continues to inspire us. There is a surreal sense of escapism emanating from Baker’s record, and it truly takes us to new heights, paving a way for unfolding thoughts and wonderings. You can listen to Alex Baker HERE.