The AIT® is a women-led design
studio and office, based in London.

The AIT® is a women-led design studio and office, based in London.


Read Bouclé /

 “A tapestry of twisting wools and unruly threads
that have been tamed                     and fastened into
                               a compact web  of deluxe texture.”

Read Jean-Paul Gourdon /

“His flora and fauna inspired sculptures are complete
with trickling leaf veins         and the graceful folds of
                                                       weathered husks & pods.

Read Escapism / Virtual Reality 

   “she has an affinity for nature, many of her spaces
exist embedded in          a flush of blooming botany”

Read Seismic Shift /

   “we might be able to shift the underlying systemic
notions beneath communities                    worldwide”

Read Artist Profile / Alex Baker

“A luscious, ever-growing eden of beautiful sounds.
A cosmos of fresh &                         invigorating beats”

Read Artist Profile / Studio Proba

“Fragile lines add a graceful and subtle dimension,
pulling anyone passing the space into their orbit
                                                             of luminous colour”

Read Artist Profile / WMD

   “Each track is a journey, an odyssey of emotion that
is heightened with the background ambience of a
                                        thousand skies”

Read Artist Profile / Carla Cascales Alimbau

“The kaleidoscopic shards of light that fleck off warped
glass, emanating pure contemporary             elegance yet
balanced                                                   with a quiet strength”

Read Jacquemus / Fall 20

   “Pinks are pressed into the show in signature over-
sized suits, and delicate strappy sandals” 

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