︎ Articles / TWENTY 21:

Read Bouclé /

 “A tapestry of twisting wools and unruly threads
that have been tamed                     and fastened into
                               a compact web  of deluxe texture.”

Read IN Q&A /

 “The morning and evening light on the landscape
surrounding the loch is just magical.    This image
captures            the last of the afternoon sun on the
overwhelming beauty of an untouched landscape.”

︎ Articles / TWENTY 20:

Read Jean-Paul Gourdon /

“His flora and fauna inspired sculptures are complete
with trickling leaf veins         and the graceful folds of
                                                       weathered husks & pods.

Read Escapism / Virtual Reality 

   “she has an affinity for nature, many of her spaces
exist embedded in          a flush of blooming botany”

Read Seismic Shift

   “we might be able to shift the underlying systemic
notions beneath communities                    worldwide”

Read Artist Profile / Alex Baker

“A luscious, ever-growing eden of beautiful sounds.
A cosmos of fresh &                         invigorating beats”

Read Artist Profile / Studio Proba

“Fragile lines add a graceful and subtle dimension,
pulling anyone passing the space into their orbit
                                                             of luminous colour”

Read Artist Profile / WMD

   “Each track is a journey, an odyssey of emotion that
is heightened with the background ambience of a
                                        thousand skies”

Read VOGUE in the time of Corona /

   “VOGUE has never shied away from confronting
cultural shifts, whether good or bad, and continues
to be a beacon of creative expression”

Read Artist Profile / Carla Cascales Alimbau

“The kaleidoscopic shards of light that fleck off warped
glass, emanating pure contemporary             elegance yet
balanced                                                   with a quiet strength”

Read Jacquemus / Fall 20

   “Pinks are pressed into the show in signature over-
sized suits, and delicate strappy sandals” 

Read Smoke & Fire

    “Hills lose their abundance of birds & bees, oceans
bleached & bled dry  of life, and Australia burns like
never before.”